The Milano Roastery offers unprecedented visibility into the art and science of coffee roasting, with 360-degree, walkaround views, and supplemented with a digitally interactive AR experience that dives into the detail of Starbucks approach to coffee sourcing and roasting.



Your Roastery journey begins here...
...before you step foot through our doors. Enjoy selections from our signature bars and counters as you take in the atmosphere of Piazza Cordusio and the beauty of the Palazzo that hosts the Milano Roastery.

  • Image of the Milano Roastery facade
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Main Bar

Where coffee meets craft
The bar with traditional espresso drinks and signature Roastery creations sharing the spotlight. Slow-brew methods and techniques melding art with science encourage you to linger over the multisensory experience.

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Arriviamo Bar

Explore the future of coffee mixology
Treat yourself to inspired cocktails created solely for the Starbucks Reserve™ Milano Roastery or a specialized coffee experience. The marble bar is crafted of Calacatta Macchia Vecchia from the famed quarries of Tuscany. It is radiantly heated—warm and inviting to the touch.

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Princi Bar

Spirito di Milano
Immerse yourself in a world of artisanal pizzas, pastries and breads baked in a hand-built, wood-fire oven - Rocco Princi’s ultimate baking tool. From the morning cornetto to the lunch break, from the mid-afternoon snack to the aperitivo at sunset, Princi will surprise you with delectable and authentic flavours.